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Are you curious about the maturity level of your architecture team? Do you want to know how you can improve your team's influence and satisfaction? With the architecture maturity diagnostic you'll discover what sets top-performing teams apart from the rest, and you'll get actionable steps to help you move forward.

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5 strategies for reducing daily stress in your architecture practice

It's the little things that build over time and ultimately lead to burnout. Architecture is a stressful profession and many don't even realise the daily niggles they're just putting up with.

If you're an IT architect experiencing stress or frustration even though you love what you do, here are 5 strategies for relieving the daily stress in your architecture practice.

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Helping disconnected architects make an impact

I'm a recovering IT architect having worked in various roles over 10 years in the UK and NZ. Throughout my career I always felt ill-equipped to fully tackle every new role I stepped into. I relished the self-starting nature of the situation but over time came to realise that architects are not all given the same level of support.

There's no clear or defined pathway to becoming an effective and influential architect or architecture practice.

Delivery pressure leads to many architects spending all of their time working in their practice and very few getting the chance to work on it.

My mission is to help architects and architecture teams better navigate their journey to excellence and learn from my mistakes. I provide coaching for teams looking to improve their effectiveness and influence. Start by checking out the free architecture maturity diagnostic to see how you're currently performing.

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